Sådan arbejder Arup med autonomi uden central styring

[…] Arup is highly unusual in not telling its staff what to do. ‘I’m quite powerless,’ deputy chairman, Tristram Carfrae, tells me with a shrug […] ‘People here make their own decisions and are accountable only to themselves and each other’. And that’s deliberate. Arup actively seeks to foster autonomy and curiosity among staff so that they choose the projects that excite them.

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 45

Arup typically works on 18,000 projects a year for 6,700 clients. But its biggest project, Carfrae says, is the organization itself: how it recruites and motivates the best people – and get excited about impossible project – without any central direction.

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 49

It is up to us, therefore, to create an organization which will allow gifted individuals to unfold. The authority [to make decisions] should also be spread downwards as far as possible.

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 49

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