Sådan prototypede finske OP med en Facebook-annonce

For instance, the team thought there was demand for Airbnb insurance. So they prototyped it, to see if there was a real need, by creating a Facebook ad in the Stockholm area, where there are lots of Airbnb properties. [Tuomas Manninen, head of design and customer experience:] ‘We asked people to leave their email address if they wanted to be the first to get the product. Yet the ad got hardly any response – which made us realize that there was no customer need, so we dropped the project. We then interviewed Airbnb hosts in Stockholm, and realized that it demanded too much effort. At that stage, we saw there was a similar insurance service in Norway, but we discovered that it was not selling. Isn’t a Facebook campaign cheaper and faster than launching a full product?’

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 99