‘Kill Metrics’ hos Google X

To gain approval for an X project, a team must agree up front to a aset of ‘kill metrics’ – criteria that determine whether an otherwise promising project should be ended. Kill metrics help identify the riskiest parts of a project from the start, before the team is too emotionally invested

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 105

[Google X] teams have learned the importance of confronting the toughest part of a problem first. [Astro Teller, director for Google X] talks of it as the ‘monkey first’ approach […] ‘I’ll tell people, “Either your project has an Achilles heel or it doesn’t; and if it does, would you like to find out about it now or three years and $20 million from now?”‘

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 110