Corporate incubator er svært

It’s become fashionable for corporate from Airbus to Yandex to launch ‘incubators’ or ‘accelerators’ which typically give funding and workspace to startups in the hope of transforming, or at least influencing, the parent company […] The goal is typically to let the corporate outsource R&D, ean about trends, invest in and sometimes aquire the talent, or more pragmatically to signal that they ‘get innovation’ […] and yet I’ve still to find a case study of a corporate using the model to create substantial additional value, on a par with IAC’s experience with Tinder, or to radically alter its business model. Too often they resemble innovation theatre: showcases for the corporates’ wish to seem future-ready, without actually challenging the statu quo.

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 139