Skal iPad understøtte mus i iOS 13?

Steve Jobs fremhævede selv musen som et interface, der løste et problem, da han introducerede den originale iPhone i 2007.

Det mener The Next Web:

Several sources are reporting that Apple is working to add USB mouse support to iOS – perhaps as soon as iOS 13’s upcoming reveal during WWDC in June. These sources include MacStories’ Federico Viticci and developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilheme Rambo, each having proved reliable in past reports.

Musen er et fantastisk interface, der giver nogle præcisionsmuligheder, som et touch-interface stadig ikke tilbyder.

Steve Jobs nævnte da også musen som løsningen på et interface-problem, da han præsenterede den første iPhone tilbage i 2007.

Hans afsæt for denne del af præsentationen er de daværende “smartphones”, som han kritiserede for at have en ufleksibel brugergrænseflade:

And they all have these control buttons that are fixed in plastic and are the same for every application. Well, every application wants a slightly different user interface, a slightly optimized set of buttons, just for it. And what happens if you think of a great idea six months from now? You can’t run around and add a button to these things. They’re already shipped.

So what do you do?
It doesn’t work because the buttons and the controls can’t change. They can’t change for each application, and they can’t change down the road if you think of another great idea you wanna add to this product.

Well, how do you solve this?
Hmm. It turns out, we have solved it!

We solved it in computers 20 years ago. We solved it with a bit-mapped screen that could display anything we want. Put any user interface up. And a pointing device. We solved it with the mouse.

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