Beacons hos La Victoria Lab i Peru

Before a beacon [online product that could potentially put today’s company out of business] is agreed, the lab team makes company representatives screen it on a consistent set of criteria. Does it address an unmet user need? If a competitor launched it, would they curse? And does the organization need to change in order for the product to succeed? Because there’s no point turning up unless you’re prepared to aggresively learn how to do new things and unlearn old things.

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 25

Beacons need an initial commitment from the associated organization with internal sponsors and budget agreed from the start. Then small teams work to validate the idea before an ‘alpha’ prototype is tested with users. Based on feedback, a ‘beta’ working version is tested further, before the product is launched more broadly.

‘Non-Bullshit Innovation’ af David Rowan, s. 26